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Our Product Range
Ceiling Mounted Coolers
Blast Freezer
Dual Discharge Coolers
Cleanable Coolers
Floor Mounted Coolers
UA Coolers
Evaporative Condensers
Dry Fluid Coolers
Pre Cooling Units
Air Cooled Condensers
DDS Type
DDV Type
Adiabatic Cooling with wet cellulose pads
Chilled Water / Glycol / DX
Special Heat Exchangers
Condensing Units
Plate Freezer
Our Certifications
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About Star Coolers and Condensers

Star Coolers & Condensers is an INDO – BRITISH Joint Venture Company which will make available the latest coil manufacturing technology for all your storage and food processing requirement. The parent company have extensive experience in cold & chill storage ,blast freezing & chilling and in all aspects of heat transfer technology in food processing . In the field of ammonia coolers, the company pioneered the use of stainless steel tube /aluminum fin coils which are now in wide spread use in Europe and the world over. The company introduced the standard of welding assembly which is now the basis of all “Lloyds” approved stainless steel tube coolers. From earliest beginnings, the policy of company has been where opportunity permits to follow the products into the field and thus gaining the invaluable experience in their performance in a complex area.

The experience and full support of the UK Company will be freely and continuously available and this will enable Star Coolers & Condensers to offer the widest possible choice of products with proven performance and reliability and products available for prompt delivery at a competitive price.


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